• Healthy Gums Are A Must

    Healthy Gums Are A Must

    Unhealthy gums could be putting older women at a higher risk of developing cancer, a new study has found. The study, which looked at 65,000 post-menopausal women, found that a history of unhealthy gums…

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  • Mouthguards are a “must have”

    Mouthguards are a “must have”

    A “Must” for whatever field you are on Shin guards? Check. Shoulder pads? Check. Helmet? Check. Cleats? Check. Mouth guard? Just a second – it must be around here somewhere!   Does your child…

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  • The evolution of dentistry.

    The evolution of dentistry.

    Where Did It All Begin? Early dentistry was rather “primitive”. Dentistry has evolved quite a bit since those early days! The very first dental references, discovered on clay tablets, were written…

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    Major dental diseases such as decay and periodontal/gum disease can be prevented by regular tooth brushing. We would advise brushing twice a day as a minimum, first thing in the morning and last thing…

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