Major dental diseases such as decay and periodontal/gum disease can be prevented by regular tooth brushing. We would advise brushing twice a day as a minimum, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.Dental plaque must be disturbed mechanically with a toothbrush and chemically with toothpaste if we are going to effectively remove it from our teeth. For children, brushing should start as soon as the first baby/milk tooth arrives, usually around the age of 5-6 months of age.

Children under six years of age should use a smear of toothpaste with no less than 1000ppm fluoride content (see ingredients label of toothpaste tube) and their teeth should be brushed by a parent.

Children over six can begin to use adult toothpaste (13500-1500 ppm fluoride) and brush their own teeth, however it is advised that their parents still inspect their mouths after brushing to ensure it has been done well.

Do not let children swallow toothpaste.