All on 4 Dental Implant System

All-on-4®, is recognized as one of the greatest advances in Dental Medicine. The All-on-4® allows total oral rehabilitation with the placement of 12 fixed teeth on just 4 implants in a surgical intervention lasting a very short time (depending on the complexity of the case). In addition to ensuring the immediate function, in almost 100% of cases this surgical protocol does not require a bone transplant or any kind of reconstruction of the lower/upper jaw stages which, until now, had been unavoidable for some patients in the oral rehabilitation process. In the case of patients with atrophic maxilla, in other words without any bone in the upper jaw, the implants are anchored in the extra-maxillary area.

The team at MALO Smile USA has developed a series of products related to Implantology, which include: the MALO CLINIC Bridge, the most advanced technical and aesthetic solution for fixed prostheses; the MALO CLINIC Surgical Kit, a surgical kit with 9 instruments designed to optimize surgical practice, reducing intervention time and increasing the comfort of the patient, and implant NobelSpeedy®, an implant with an innovative design developed in partnership with Nobel Biocare (a Swedish company which is the world leader in the production and development of dental implants) which, by its osteointegration capacity, is ideal for immediate-load implants.

Beside the collaboration with MALO CLINIC Ceramics, the laboratory of fixed prosthesis, Implantology also benefit the support of the complementary services of Imagiology, Anesthesiology and Pharmacy, which allows that all procedures related with specialty practice will performed with total security and comfort for patient.

Placement of Implants

In the case of patients who have one or more teeth missing, the placement of fixed teeth on implants not only improves the aesthetic side (unit crowns or fixed bridges are a perfect imitation of natural teeth), it restores chewing and phonetic capacity. In the case of patients without any teeth or with unrecoverable teeth, with the All-on-4® technique the total rehabilitation process is immediate (carried out on the same day), comfortable and economically more accessible for the patient. In coordination with the specialist area of Imagiology and deploying the most advanced dental CT techniques and computerized 3D models, it is possible to carry out planning prior to surgery which enables the determination of the exact position of the implants, as well as the implementation of the prosthesis before surgery.

Furthermore, the use of the NobelGuide® surgical guide adapted to All-on-4® not only offers great precision when placing the implant, but also enables minimally invasive surgery, doing away with the need for the cutting and stitching of the gum and providing a post-operating period which is much more comfortable for the patient, less painful and without edemas.