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Same Day Dentures

Same day denturesSame day Dentures

There are lots of things that can put people off going to the dentist – worrying about pain is usually at the top of the list – but many people just don’t have the time to spend booking appointments, recovering from surgery, or undergoing extensive dental surgery that can take a long time to run its course. Unfortunately, there are very few dental treatments that can go ahead without initial appointments and reviews, but same day dentures are much quicker to fit than most other types of dental treatment.

What are Same-day Dentures?

Also known as ‘Immediate’ dentures, Same-Day dentures are used for patients who have to have their natural teeth extracted. Without waiting for the area to heal, the new denture are inserted immediately; no healing, no waiting between appointments.

How does the same day denture work?

At your first consultation you will have your teeth and jaw assessed and impressions taken, it’s an imperative step in the treatment that means your new dentures will fit into your mouth perfectly.

Our Malo Smile USA in house dental technicians will then select the correct color, shape, and size of the teeth, carefully matching it to your remaining teeth color. The state of the art technology that is used in dentistry labs is practically flawless and you can rely on it to make your smile look natural.

In order for the denture to be made quickly, same day dentures are made from cold cure acrylic rather than warm cure acrylic from which traditional dentures are made. Warm cure acrylic needs 24-28 hours for the denture to be made. Dentures made from cold cure acrylic are not as strong as those made from warm cure acrylic and so same day dentures should in some ways be considered a temporary solution to the problem of missing teeth.

If our patients don’t mind waiting a few days, it is possible to make an immediate replacement denture from warm cure acrylic which can be inserted once a tooth is removed. These types of immediate dentures would be stronger than a cold same day denture and could be considered a more permanent solution.

By the time your new same day dentures arrive usually just a few hours after the impressions were taken, your personal Malo Smile USA dentist will be preparing you to have the unwanted tooth/teeth removed. The great thing about this type of instant denture is that as soon as the tooth is removed, the same day denture is inserted to cover the socket and give the appearance of a new tooth. Whilst the socket is open, we can still go ahead and fit the denture into it.

Are there any drawbacks to same day dentures?

As with most kinds of surgery, there are risks associated with Same-day dentures. For instance, sometimes as the swelling recedes and the gums heal and this can cause the new dentures to shift slightly in their sockets, this means you may require some adjustments or denture relines later.

After teeth are removed, the bone in that area resorbs and most of this resorption occurs in the first year after tooth extraction. As a result the same day denture is likely to become looser as time goes on.

Also once teeth are removed, there can be bleeding, swelling and pain afterwards which can take a few days to settle. By placing the same day denture over the socket it might be possible to reduce the bleeding from the socket.

Are there any alternatives to same day dentures?

Yes, you could wait without a denture and with a missing tooth gap until socket healing has occurred and then have a permanent denture made if you wish to replace the missing tooth.

You could have a dental bridge made, either a traditional bridge or in some cases a no tooth preparation adhesive bridge. Bridges are a fixed alternative to dentures however in some cases they do require the neighboring tooth to be prepared. Denture bridges however require 1-2 weeks for their construction.

You could also opt to have a dental implant which although far more expensive than dentures, are longer lasting and are a fixed solution to the problem of missing teeth.

If you like the sound of immediate same day dentures, consult with your nearest Malo Smile USA dental office. We will be able to advise you on your options and make further appointments for you. Same-day dentures give a great, instant result, and have significant advantages over other prolonged treatments.


At Malo Smile USA we have an on-site experienced denture technician which means we can make custom-made same day express dentures and provide you with new dentures that meet your expectations.

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