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What is toothache?

Everyone fears toothache, and it is one of the worst pains to endure. You could feel the pain inside of your mouth or directly in one or several teeth. The type of pain can vary. It can be sharp or pulsating and be there consistently. Toothache usually occurs when the nerve to the tooth is irritated. A loose filling can cause that. But that is just one of the possible reasons for a toothache.

In case you are suffering from a toothache, you should see your dentist at Malo Smile USA Elizabeth as soon as possible. In case you don’t have a dentist, you could ask your pharmacy to find you a dentist near to you.

What causes toothache?

Several things can cause toothache. However, one of the most common reasons is poor oral hygiene, that leads to cavities. Not looking after your teeth properly and neglecting to schedule and attend regular check-up visits with your dentist will lead to problems, including:

  • Gum infections
  • Tooth decay
  • A loose or broken filling
  • Abscesses
  • Cracked or damaged teeth
  • Issues with your braces

Everyone needs to brush their teeth at least twice a day and see their dentist for regular check-ups. This way, any problems are found straight away before they cause you pain.

Symptoms of toothache.

One of the first signs that something is not right with your tooth is pain; Most people feel pain while eating or drinking something sweet, cold, or warm. However, if you experience pain only when you eat something sweet, warm, or cold, you may have quite sensitive teeth. In this case, try brushing your teeth several times a day with toothpaste explicitly designed to deal with sensitive teeth – this should not be assumed however. A visit to your dentist near you will help identify the problem.

The type of pain you feel can vary greatly; it might range from a sharp to throbbing pain. Pain also could appear when you chew your food and bite into some hard foods with your teeth. If your tooth is infected, you could have a bad taste in your mouth, and even have some fever or a headache.

When is the time I should see a dentist?

While there may be some grandma’s home remedies to treat toothache for the short term, it will be wise to see a dentist as soon as possible If you suffer the symptoms listed below, you must see a dentist:

  • Toothache continues for a couple of days or more.
  • Pain does not disappear or lessens even with painkillers.
  • A high temperature.
  • Pain when biting down on food, gums are red or swollen, or there is a bad taste in your mouth
    Swollen cheeks or jaw.

Are you helping to prevent getting toothache?

Anyone who had a toothache knows how painful it is, and would not like to go through that experience again. The best remedy is prevention by looking after your precious teeth. There is much anyone can do to lower the likelihood of getting toothache in the future. Prevention is always better than cure.

  • Do not eat sweet things in large amounts, and only have then during mealtimes.
  • fewer fizzy drinks
  • Brushing teeth at least twice a day
  • Flossing to clean between the teeth – and use a good mouthwash without alcohol.
  • Do not smoke, it is critical. Check out tips on how to help you stop smoking.
  • Visit your Malo Smile USA Elizabeth dentist regularly.